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2019 Special Grant to Address Homeless and Affordable Housing in Dupont Circle

Dupont Circle Citizens Association

Request for Proposals


The Dupont Circle Citizens Association (“DCCA”) seeks proposals for one or more grants from 501(c)(3) organizations addressing homelessness or affordable housing in the Dupont Circle neighborhood. As part of a litigation settlement, a total of $100,000 will be awarded at the direction of DCCA to nonprofit(s) that are working to ameliorate these issues. Funds will be assigned to one or more project(s) based on the specific population targets, project types, and activities.


The overriding goal of DCCA is to fund projects that address the challenge of homelessness and affordable housing in the Dupont Circle neighborhood. Overarching themes and goals include:

  • Preventing and ending homelessness.
  • Addressing chronic homelessness – such as developing rapid response systems that are more effectively coordinated and integrated with housing and social service systems.
  • Producing and preserving affordable housing units for Dupont Circle residents.


Specifically, DCCA is looking for proposals that are:

  • CREATIVE + MEANINGFUL: We are looking to invest in projects that present innovative strategies to deliver successful support services that assist homeless individuals on a pathway to stabilization and self-sufficiency.  
  • ACHIEVABLE: We are looking to support projects that clearly define key measurables, benchmarks and accountability standards which can reasonably be met. Bonus if the applicant can demonstrate a track record for past achievements.
  • SCALABLE: We plan to support projects and concepts which can be replicated and scaled.


Eligible Applicants: Private non-profit organizations that have received 501(c)(3) federal tax- exempt status from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and are registered as a non-profit corporation. The core mission of the recipient(s) must be to serve individuals who are homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless in the District of Columbia. Priority will be given to organizations and programs active in and around Dupont Circle.


Application Deadline: Applications will be accepted through June 13, 2019.


Applications should be submitted online.  CLICK HERE to complete the application form.


It is expected that applicants will be notified of conditional funding awards in early or late summer, with contracts expected to begin in the summer or early fall 2019.  


Contact details: Please submit any questions to treasurer@dupont-circle.org.

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